2007: Mrs. Hoda Sabry Gallery Zamalek group exhibition.
2008: Contemporary Views, Al Masar Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.
2010: Madar Home signatures, Cairo, Egypt.
January 2011: Contemporary Views IV, Al Masar Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.
September 2011: Contemporary Views III, Al Masar Gallery, Cairo, Egypt.
20 May – 21 July 2012: Gallery Collection, Group Exhibition, Al Masar Gallery, Contemporary Art.
May – June 2012: Artists at Home and Abroad,Broadway Gallery NYC, New York, USA.
October-November 2012: Trevisan international art – Little Treasures, Bologna, Italy.
March 2013: Faustini art gallery- Florence, Italy.
May 2013: Solo Exhibition-Urban Diversity , Al Masar Gallery, Cairo,Egypt.

October 2014:Migration- Contemporary artAl Masar Gallery -Cairo-Egypt

March 2015: El Ahram for art salaon exhibition Cairo -Egypt

May 2015: General Art Exhibition at the Egyptian Opera House art palace – Cairo-Egypt.